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James Michael Phillips


"Ducit arnor patriae"
James Michael Phillips

Snipe Hunting

Hi there and welcome to my page. Here's a little bit of info about myself. I am of Irish-Welsh descent and my family immigrated from the Wicklow Mountains area in eastern Ireland. We originally settled in Georgia in the mid 1800's but moved to east Texas and west Louisiana shortly after the Civil War. I was born in 1970 in a little town in north Louisiana named Springhill, but I grew up in Texarkana, Arkansas. I graduated from Arkansas High (Pig Soooiieee!) in 1989 and began my journey through life. I attended the University of Arkansas and then decided to challenge myself and serve my country by joining the United States Marine Corps. This was a tradition started by my Great-great-great-grandfather Hamilton James Phillips in the 1870's and most males in my family have served either as Ministers or Marines. In addition to providing a natural balance within the family, it has also created an interesting mix of holiday topics. I served active and reserve for 14 years and hung up my sword and retired my boots in the fall of 2004. This decision was made to allow more focus on long term career goals. I met my beautiful and brilliant wife, Lindsey in 1992, but it took me five years until 1997 to realize what I was missing. I convinced her to go out with me and in 1999 we were married. We moved to Frisco Texas in 2001 and quickly fell in love with our little town. We share our home with 4 cats, 3 dogs, 4 fish, a turtle and a frog. Our hearts and home are always open to abused, neglected or unloved animals. I enjoy anything outdoors, read anything I can get my hands on, only drive Jeeps, love movies and absorb all of the obscure trivia I can find. I still can't grow my hair past my collar without feeling like a hippy and I won't eat tofu.


On the highest paved road in North America

Irish Limosine

Man Our Heads Look Big
Paris 2006

Cool Things We've Done Together:
Petted a Manta Ray in Monterey California
Explored a Haunted Lake at Loc Gough Ireland
Rode Horses on the Beach in Rosarito Mexico
Saw Michael Crawford in a Play at The Palance Theatre in London UK
Explored a 400 Year Old Spanish Mission in Cozumel Mexico
Held Hands and Walked in the Rain in Limerick Ireland
Rode the Tube(Subway) Completely Around London UK
French Kissed in FRANCE!!!???
Watched a Hurricane Approach in Galveston Texas
Lost a Transmission in the Desert of Arizona
Was Part of the Studio Audience for the Priemere of the Sitcom "Jesse" In Holloywood California
Watched Iguanas sunbathe in Quintana Roo Mexico
Walked the Gardens at Versailles Palace
Watched the Premiere of Harry Potter with 100 schoolkids at a small theatre in Kilkenny Ireland
Watched the Tortoises Play in San Diego California
Drove the highest paved road in North America
Explored the Catacombs under Paris

Lindsey Gray Phillips

The Current Zoo:
Liliana(Lily) - Greyhound - 9 years old
Pixie - Chihuahua - 2 years
Reagan - Weimeraner - 2 years
Sabrina - American Longhair - 10 years
Boudreaux - Ocicat - 8 years
Monster - Manx - 5 years
Easter - American Shorthair - 4 years

Spca Of Texas

Greyhounds Unlimited

Penguin Warehouse

Versailles France 2006

Cozymel 2006

Paris France 2006

My Beautiful Wife
Paris 2006

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Us as Lois and Clark
Halloween 2003

Regeant's Park London UK 2004

Irish Taffic Jam

O'Brien Observatory - County Clare Ireland
Buddha and Me
British Museum London UK

Lost In the Mayan Jungle
Quintana Roo Mexico 2003


Lindsey and James